Frequently asked Questions related to Lease

Why is the early payment discount the amount I was already expecting to pay?

We expect from you, our new tenant, to be responsible and timely with your rent payments. We do not expect rent payments to be beyond the first of the month but if a person consistently is then that person should expect to pay an additional $25 per month. If on occasion someone can not pay the rent by the first of the month we would expect a phone call with an explanation and a definite payment date. At that point, by our discretion, we may allow the early payment rent amount to be valid for the date you gave us.

What are the “Cap Amounts” in the Utility Section and how may they affect us?

The utility caps amounts are in the Lease for our protection against serious abuse and negligence on a tenants behalf. The amounts listed should be enough gas and electric to use air conditioners in the summer and stay warm in the winter. Long showers should never be a problem! IF tenants regularly leave the heat on 75 degrees all day while nobody is home then the utility bill can get out of hand. Same goes for Air conditioners in the summer, Turn them off or at least up if your not around (your room will not mind). A first offense will be a warning and overages due to unseasonably cold or hot weather will always be treated fairly.

Can the Security Deposit be used for rent?

No. This is stated in the lease. The Security Deposit will be held for entire term of the lease and refunded after the lease has expired. You should receive a check to whatever address we have on file no later then the end of June.

What about snow and ice storms. Who clears what?

This area is a little gray…. In the lease it states that you are responsible for snow removal, etc. and that statement is there to ‘cover’ us in case we fall into a situation that delays us from clearing snow at your property. Examples would be blizzard type storms that are too big for us to keep up with or if we have workers out sick and are limited in that way. The smaller snow storms, we define as less than 5”, we expect you to help out with and clear you sidewalk and step areas promptly. We will come by and do additional clearing if needed, but depending on our schedule it may be days after the storm.We will provide the property with Salt or Calcium Chloride for you (and us) to use to keep your steps and sidewalks safe. We typically will leave a container per month in the winter season (as needed).

How safe is this Rental Unit?

As a rule, all of our properties are inspected for deterioration, and structural deficiencies annually by a licensed General Contractor / Inspector. Roof areas, furnaces, exposed wiring areas in basements, etc are routinely inspected and maintained as required. The city (fire dept.) also conducts inspections every couple of years to make sure properties are to code. Our properties always have more Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors, Fire Extinguishers, etc., than are required. Batteries are tested every 3 months and changed annually.