The Pet Agreement Rules are as follows:

  1. Only a pet described and named in this Pet Agreement shall be permitted on the premises. Any others shall be a violation of the agreement.
  2. Tenants agree to be fully responsible and liable, and pay for any damages or injury caused by, or as a result of their pet. Pet damages can apply to floors, carpeting, walls, windows, screens, moldings, furniture and landscaping, etc. or of others property which may result from the maintenance of the pet
  3. Tenants agree that they will not allow their pet to disturb or annoy neighbors in any way, whether the pet is inside the dwelling or outside.
  4. Tenant will keep control over the pet at all times, whether inside the dwelling or outside.
  5. Tenants agree that pet will not be left unattended over any unreasonable periods of time.
  6. Tenants agree to keep the pet licensed and up to date with all vaccinations. Your
    veterinarian’s name, phone number and address and a copy of all pet records must be provided to Management at the time this agreement is acknowledged. Additional information regarding your pet will be given to management upon request.
  7. Tenants agree that no pet’s offspring are allowed on premises.
  8. Tenants promise not to leave food for the pet outside the dwelling, which can attract other
    animals and bugs.
  9. Tenant agrees to pay for pest infestation services, carpet cleaning, and deodorizing as
    determined necessary by Management during and/or after termination of pet occupancy.
  10. Tenants agree to keep their pet clean at all times, and keep the premises in a clean and
    sanitary manner, properly disposing of pet droppings as quickly as possible. Tenant agrees to pay Management $25.00 each time Management must clean feces from the property. All said costs are the sole responsibility of Tenant and shall be additional rent payable by Resident. Unpaid balances can be deducted from the total Security Deposits.
  11. Tenant must obtain an insurance rider by the insurance company currently being used by the Landlord. All documentation must be provided to the Landlord stating animal description and term and amount of insurance.

Additionally, Management reserves the right to revoke this consent on three day’s notice to Resident, if in the opinion of Management, the pet has been a nuisance to other residents or has not been maintained according to these rules or any applicable local municipal statutes and animal regulations. In the event this consent is revoked, Resident agrees to forthwith discontinue maintenance and harborage of the pet. Failure to so discontinue shall be a breach of the Rental Agreement. Any animals on the property not registered under this addendum agreement will be presumed to be strays and will be disposed of according to law, at the option of Management.