Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

In order to make your residency a pleasant experience and to avoid misunderstandings, each resident should read the following guidelines, policies and procedures. They are general rules that apply to each property that we manage, and to the residents and guests that reside at and visit them. This list is not intended to be a complete and exhaustive list of all rules, regulations, and ordinances. It highlights subjects of main concern to residents and to us. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Locks on the front and back door of each apartment are changed before new residents move in. USE the apartment locks!! Keep doors closed and locked when you are away from your apartment, even for brief periods, and especially at night. DO NOT GIVE KEYS TO NON-RESIDENTS!!!

In Albany, windows of first floor apartments have been “pinned”. This means a small hole has been drilled in the lower frame (usually the upper corner(s)) and a nail inserted to prevent the window from being opened from the outside. There may be a second hole a few inches above the “closed position” hole, which allows the window to be pinned in a slightly open position, for ventilation. USE THE PINS AND KEEP ALL WINDOWS LOCKED!!! If you have trouble opening a window, look for the pin and slide it out. Do not force the window open or you may break it, in which case you will be billed for its repair. If pins are missing or lost, call Maintenance for replacements.

Lights are provided in the apartment, and common areas inside and outside of the building. Light bulbs inside the apartment are tested before each new resident moves in. You are responsible for replacing ALL light bulbs inside your apartment, during your residency. Lights in common areas (halls, laundry areas, porches, etc.) are our responsibility. Please call Maintenance if you notice one of the common area bulbs or lights is not working.

Smoke alarms are present in each apartment. The alarms are tested before each new resident moves in. DO NOT REMOVE THE BATTERIES OR DISCONNECT THE POWER FROM THESE ALARMS AND KEEP THE ALARMS IN THEIR CURRENT LOCATION. These alarms only work to save your life if they have batteries/power and are left undamaged. Contact Maintenance if you discover a malfunctioning or chirping alarm.


Trash calls bugs and rodents to an apartment, if improperly stored. We provide marked garbage cans, which are stored behind each building, out of view from the street. They may not be stored in front of or on the side of the building. If they are found there, the City of Albany can (and does) assess a violation fine ($35.00-$150.00). When this happens, we may bill each apartment for a portion of the fine. We are responsible for keeping the common areas, halls, porches, alleys, and yards clean and clear of trash. You are responsible for:

  • Keeping trash and garbage food in the apartment properly stored in a plastic bag or container. Improperly disposed trash and garbage WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If we discover improperly stored trash or garbage (ie. on apartment floors, walls, etc.) you will be warned once, then eviction proceedings will commence as per your Rental Agreement.
  • Frequently putting your trash in the outside garbage cans, so the apartment does not smell.
  • Placing outside garbage cans on the street curb, (in Albany) EACH TUESDAY NIGHT AFTER 7:00PM, for pick-up on Wednesday, and placing garbage cans back behind the building (Wednesday morning), after the City pick-up. If trash is not placed on the curb weekly and we are forced to do this (to avoid a violation fine from the City) we may bill each apartment $25.00 each time we must place the garbage on the curb for pick-up.
  • Recycling ALL glass and plastic containers (bottles, jars, cans, etc.), newspapers, and magazines by separating these items from your regular trash and placing them in a separate container or clear plastic bag. In Albany, the recycled material must be placed next to the regular trash on the curb for the weekly City pick-up.


(PHJ, LLC – 1-800-869-2608) Refer to Notice – Maintenance Call-In Procedure

Broken or malfunctioning toilets, refrigerator, stove, windows, drains, faucets, etc. should be reported. We are responsible for repairing or replacing these items. If these items have aged or require replacement because of normal and reasonable wear and tear, there will be no cost to you. HOWEVER, if these items are damaged or malfunctioning because of intentional or ignorant action(s) on your (or your guests) part, you will be billed for the maintenance/replacement costs.


  • A window is broken by a strong storm. We repair it at no cost to you.
  • A window is broken when a resident or guest throws a chair through it. You will be billed.
  • A toilet backs up and runs onto the floor. We will clear and clean out the line, the first time, at no cost to you.
  • The same toilet backs up a second or third time, and when we clean it out, tampons and plastic bottles are discovered. You will be billed.

Special Notes

Tampons CANNOT be flushed down the toilets. They get caught in the plumbing and plug the pipes. Dispose of them with your trash.

Please use drain strainers in the sinks, showers, and tubs, and clean hair/food from the strainer after EACH use. DO NOT PUT FOOD DOWN KITCHEN DRAINS.

If our emergency staff responds to a call, which is NOT actually an emergency, as determined by us, you will be billed a minimum of $75.00. Please do not mislead our staff into believing you have an emergency, when you do not.

Additionally (especially for students), PHJ, LLC only takes maintenance requests from our residents. This means we are only obligated to take requests from the people who are named on and signed the Rental Agreement. Maintenance phone calls from parents and other relatives will not be accepted.

Gas stoves are in most apartments. If you smell gas, first call our Maintenance. Sometimes a pilot goes out and we can tell you how to safely relight it. If you discover you have no hot water or heat, call Maintenance immediately. We will respond that day.

Keys are given to residents when they move into an apartment. If the keys are lost, forgotten, locked in a room, etc. and we are called to open a locked apartment door, you will be billed the daytime rate, if the call is between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday, and the Off-hours rate all other times. Additionally, you will be billed for replacing EACH lost key. If doors or windows are damaged trying to retrieve keys from a locked room, you will be billed the FULL COST for the replacement doors and/or windows.

Lawn mowing and snow removal

Lawns are mowed and bushes are trimmed by our staff during the warm weather. In the Winter, sidewalks and steps are to be maintained by you, however we will come by to assist with larger storms (5+ inches). We can plow your driveway, at no cost to you, when there is more than 5 inches of snow, and after all cars are removed from the driveway. (Call us about having this done.)

Common Areas

Basements and attics are off-limits to residents, except rooms where laundry facilities are located. Concerns over unknown stored items prohibit us from allowing residents to store any items in areas outside of their apartment. This storage prohibition includes: basements, attics, hallways (front and back), stairs, and porches. Items found in these locations will be considered abandoned, and will be removed. PARTIES AND MEETINGS IN BASEMENTS AND ATTICS ARE SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN.

Porches may be enjoyed by residents and their guests, but they must be kept clean. Only solid furniture is allowed to be used on porches. Stuffed and upholstered furniture (such as couches and living room chairs) can attract mice and bugs, and will be removed.

Barbecues and grills may be used in back yards only. It is against City ordinance to use these devices less than 25 feet from a building. This means outdoor cooking on porches is prohibited.

Pets, such as dogs and cats, are not allowed in apartments or in the building, without written permission from us. This includes visiting dogs and cats. This restriction is made for both health reasons (some residents have allergies) and to provide the peaceful enjoyment of the building by all residents (ie. avoid barking dogs).

Banners and signs are prohibited from being displayed outside of apartments. This means they are not allowed on the side of the building, porches, roofs, nor in common hallways.


Loud noise from stereos, televisions, radios, parties, etc is prohibited by City ordinance. If you or neighbors are disturbed by resident’s noise, first ask them to lower the volume. If they do not, call the police who will initially ask them to lower the volume. Finally, if the noise persists, call the police and file a complaint. Please notify us when a resident is creating loud noise, so we can monitor the situation, and have them evicted if it persists.

Illegal drug and alcohol use or sales will NOT be tolerated. If we suspect: 1) illegal drugs are being used or sold, or 2) underage residents are buying or selling alcohol at your apartment, we will immediately contact the proper authorities to notify them of our suspicions. We will then fully cooperate with the authorities to stop this activity. Suspicions are raised by drug paraphernalia, constant drug odors, individuals who appear to be under drug influences, and other similar activity.


Parties are certainly a part any person’s social life, and we recognize this. Parties with destructive results, uncontrolled alcohol usage, unreasonably loud noise, and unreasonably large numbers of people are not responsible activities, and are not acceptable. The following guidelines are suggested:

  1. Notify neighbors when you will be having a party, the hours it will be in progress, the approximate number of attendees, and who they can contact if there are any problems.
  2. In addition to the apartment’s residents, generally limit parties to 10-12 people per apartment.
  3. Ask guests to respect your personal property, other’s property, the building, and other’s right to their quiet enjoyment.
  4. After the party, clean your apartment, pick-up trash/bottles/etc. around the building, properly store all trash, and remember to put trash out for pick-up on the appropriate day and time.

These are reasonable requests that will help residents of the building and neighbors live peacefully together.